Meet Our Staff

I am pleased to have joined HSLC on March 1, 2013. HSLC has a wonderful staff and over 25 years experience in developing and maintaining automation solutions for libraries, and in particular, solutions for statewide library services. I am a Drexel University graduate with 30 years experience in public library administration and automation. I view automation as the foundation for quickly and cost-effectively delivering information and resources into the hands of people who need it. As the new Executive Director, I look forward to exploring new ways for HSLC to support and promote all types of library services and access to shared collections. I welcome your ideas on how we can expand upon this mission! Feel free to contact me at Thank you for visiting the HSLC website.

Maryam Phillips, Executive Director of HSLC,

Maryam Phillips signature

Maryam Phillips, Executive Director
Vincent Mariner, Deputy Director
Deborah A. Hensler, Trainer
Soumitra Kayal, Systems Manager II
Mary Lynn Morris Kennedy, Electronic Resources Specialist
Joanne Krentz, Business Manager
Martha N. Payne, Cataloging and Metadata Specialist
Vacant, Director of Library Services
Maxfield V. Shortte, Senior Systems Administrator
Alan C. Simon, Director of Network Services
Marjorie T. Sommerville, Support Representative

SUPPORT@HSLC.ORG, address for all general and user support-related questions.